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Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Cold as Ice—An Exploration of Ice Wines, Ciders and Beers

Illustration by Rachel Joan Wallis

While winter across the U.S. might be unwelcome for those who prefer sunshine and warmth, for others, the frosty conditions present a unique world of drinks.

For our three guests this week—Dave Breeden from Sheldrake Point Winery, Karlton Graham from KC Bier Co., and Eleanor Leger from Eden Specialty Ciders—the polar temperatures mean the perfect conditions for creating ice beverages like ice wine, cider and beer.

With the help and expertise of our guests, Contributing Editor John Holl leads a curious exploration into this frost-loving category, including talking about the process, history, innovation and flavors.

So grab a glass of your favorite cold-weather pour and listen up to learn more about the magic of ice drinks of all types.

You can also discover recommendations of the best ice wine producers from around the globe or learn more about ice wine production in the Midwest.

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