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Wine Enthusiast Podcast: It’s No Big Deal if You Don’t Drink

Illustration by Rachel Joan Wallis

If you or someone you know isn’t drinking alcohol for any reason at all, you have options. The non-alcoholic drinks space is evolving. Bars dedicated to booze-free hospitality offer creative menus, and there are scores of spirit-free bottles of booze, beer and wine at specialty shops and digital retailers.

In this episode, Associate Managing Editor Emily Saladino explores non-alcoholic drinks culture with John deBary, a semi-retired bartender who is also an author, creator and CEO of Proteau, and cofounder and board president of Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. They’re joined by Dylan Garret, another semi-retired bartender and senior editor at Wine Enthusiast

They discuss how the cocktail lounges of the early aughts and 2010s precipitated the rise of non-alcoholic drinks, and how those of us who do and don’t drink alcohol can’t raise glasses to a more inclusive scene moving forward. 

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