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Wine Enthusiast Podcast: When the Worlds of Wine and Beer Collide

Illustration by Rachel Joan Wallis

Producers being known for just one thing is rapidly becoming a dated concept. “Beverage companies” is the new “it” term. While breweries diversifying their drink portfolios have become quite common, wine production is also finding a place in this new mixed-up world of wonder.

In this episode, we venture down the path of blending beverage worlds. Beer Editor John Holl speaks with three winemakers who are beer-space adjacent to get the latest info on this exciting crossover space: Jennifer Currier, head winemaker for Vīdl Wines in North Carolina; Mitch Ermatinger, owner of Native Species Winery in Michigan; and Travis Green, winemaker at the Odell Wine Project in Colorado. 

Together, they discuss how we can all embrace the best of all the beverage worlds before us. Whether your go-to pour is wine, beer, spirits or something in between, there’s plenty of space for drinkers to enjoy them all.

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