Wine Importing and Marketing Services

What We Do

The Bluest Sky Import Group (BSIG) provides import and marketing services to those wineries worldwide that are either entering, or improving their position, in the very complex American marketplace.

Our basic program is a three year plan:

  • One year of consultation during which we work with the winery to maximize item selection, pricing and packaging with the goal of securing an American Importer.  
  • Compensation for the first year is by a quarterly retainer.
  • Having secured an Importer, in the second and third year BSIG functions as your market representative, managing your importer and working with their sales team while at the same time leveraging our relationships with wine journalists and high profile customers to build a permanent position for your winery in America.
  • In the second and third years of the plan we are compensated in traditional broker fashion with a percentage on sales.

In this way, we only succeed if you do.

How do you stand out in the US Market?

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