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Bluest Sky Import Group Helps Emerging and Established Brands Enter the US Market

We create unique branding solutions for each of our clients to overcome specific challenges. Are you aware of the forces that slow your brand in America?

  • Mergers between the largest wine and spirits distributors in the US have made things easier for the big wine companies, but even tougher for small wineries and those trying to enter the market.
  • Consolidation by American distributors is putting tremendous pressure on smaller producers.  The largest distributor in the market has announced plans to reduce the number of producers it represents by 35%.
  • Laws in America prevent the existence of national retail chains and multi-state supermarket purchasing. No single buyer accounts for more than 5% of the market.
  • America's domestic wineries are permitted to ship directly to consumers.  Producers from Europe and the rest of the world are not.
  • Direct to consumer shipments by American wineries is now a $2 Billion a Year business.
  • Legal permissions and proximity to the consumer give American wineries a distinct advantage over their imported competition.
  • Smaller, high-quality producers need assistance in drawing the attention of importers and distributors before they can approach the consumer.

Put the experience and knowledge of the Bluest Sky Import Group to work for your wine brands in America. Give us a call.

I’ve watched Michael in action for over 30 years and have always been impressed by his understanding of the marketplace and the alternative approaches for branding and distribution of wines and spirits.  – Charles Palombini (Retired President, Kobrand Wine & Spirits)